Lost track of my moral code.
Kat here. Got lost and too shy to ask for directions. The only thing straight about me is my road to hell.


her wardrobe was so kickass in this scene.

cosima, inktober day 19

According to IDW the first issue comes out on february 2015. Jody Houser is in charge to write the series. (x)

Remember when I told you like two months ago that I was working on a personal project? (probably not, I mostly talk to myself here).

Well, it’s finally paying off! It’s an etsy store of geek jewerly. My friend and I both do the designs and everything (she’s the marvel girl and I’m the DC side). The thing is, she doesn’t know about this tumblr (and I want to keep it that way). So I’ll reblog the posts from my other tumblr, and I won’t be making here as much publicity as I would like.

Please go and check our stuff: It’s called navekadesigns, both on etsy and tumblr (even facebook, if you want!)


Finn’s sword - Adventure Time necklace (etsy)